Shimla – The right combination of nature and modernization
Shimla gets its name from ‘Shyamala Devi’ who is the reincarnation of Kali. In 19th century this goddess’s temple was present in Jakhu Hill. This is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. The city is surrounded by oak, pine & deodar forests multiplying the beauty of it. The most important qualities which make Shimla a highly demanded tourist spot are its ‘n’ number of tourist attractions, easily reachable places and well developed amenities.


The visitors can get engaged into any one among several activities available. Few main activities that excite tourists on a regular basis are:

  • 1) Rafting at Tattapani
  • 2) Trout fishing at Tattapani
  • 3) Golf at Naldehra
  • Winter sport available:

    • Skiing at Narkanda and Kufri.

    Best Time for a Visit:

    January to March 15th.

    The spiritual factor combined with the nature & adventures makes Shimla a must visit place in the trip list of each individual. The nature offers many romantic spots in Shimla throughout the city. It is a place that can be visited individually, with spouse, family or as a big team. Each experience will be different from the other.

    Best time to visit Shimla

    From March to June the climate is very good. October also is highly recommended.

    • 1) In March the minimum temperature is 13oC and the maximum temperature is 27oC
    • 2) In April the minimum temperature is 18oC and the maximum temperature is 33oC
    • 3) In May the minimum temperature is 21oC and the maximum temperature is 36oC
    • 4) In June the minimum temperature is 23oC and the maximum temperature is 34oC
    • 5) In October the minimum temperature is 17oC and the maximum temperature is 29oC

    Shimla is the right combination of natural beauty and modernization - which makes adventures accessible but comparatively safer. A trip to Shimla will definitely help one gather memories for a lifetime. Hence visit Shimla at least once for sure!