The enchanting Himalayan trip on my beloved bike!
Many myths have been heard about Himalayas. I was very keen in doing trip to Himalayas and I am happy that could do it with the help of my best buddy – my bike. My bike has never failed me and has always been the best companion in all my trips. It once again proved its perfect companionship during the Himalayan bike ride. The blood rush that a bike ride gives combined with the adventurous roads of Himalayas made me feel on the top of the world. Enjoyed each bit of the trip as much as I can! I was living my dream! What else I could ask for?

The snow filled roads and the ‘road-less’ roads where definitely putting challenges throughout my trip but I could never seek anything else but such challenging trips. My passion of traveling and bikes found its answer in the best form with the Himalayan trips. The mystical place gave immense experiences that cannot be forgotten for a lifetime. Driving through the snow covered areas made me feel awesome! Traveling is all about discovering a new you by facing your fears and overcoming it. The thrill that the trip gave made me feel on cloud nine!

The temperature was 15 to 22o Ct and the trip took 14 nights and 15 days. But the beautiful Leh Ladak made me forget all the pain. The nature made me feel one with it. The only more desire I had in mind - to do the trip again whenever possible. Such kind of awesome experiences stays for a lifetime but still you look forward for more. Do you wish to do a Himalayan trip, that too on your bike? Then no need of thinking much but do the needed arrangements to make your dream come true as soon as possible.

You are going to love the trip more than any other trips! The adventurous drive brings you the adrenalin rush and makes you feel very young & special. I have done many trips with my bike but this one was quite different from others even though it had some similarities too with other trips. The mystical place is filled with too many surprises that make you feel like you are living your life truly exploring the secrets of life. If you do not want to just live & die like others around you who have a fixed daily routine then Himalayan drive on bike is the best choice you have to explore the brave and unique you!

10 Days


Destinations Covered:

Kathmandu - Pharping - Kurintar - Chitwan National Park - Pokhra

Price: 42000 From: 38000*