Why Metzeler Sportec M5 is best for RC 390

Hello friends! Recently I have changed my RC 390 tyre because my rear tyre busted during the time of my last ride. Most of my colleagues and friends suggested me to choose Michelin tyre for sports bike while I go for Metzeler stock tyre.

Why Metzeler Sportec M5 tyre is Best Over Michelin Pilot Street

So today, I am going to differentiate which type of tyre is best for your bike whether it’s a sports bike Or you are riding in the city.

When you are deciding which motorcycle tires should you replace in a motorcycle? There is two most popular option come into he mind that is Dunlop and Bridgestone. But for riders, they can’t skip over the offerings by Michelin and Metzeler. These two companies have carved out their own niche in the market by providing top-notch tires for sports bikes, street bikes and more. Take into consideration whether you are looking for long-lasting mileage, superior traction, wet drainage capabilities, or an all-around dual-sport tire.

Here is the detail specification for both, Michelin & Metzeler tyre USPs and choose as per your choice and which one can better fulfil your requirement.

About Michelin
Michelin Tires founded in the late 1880s, Michelin has been supplying racing equipment to riders across the world. Riders who use the brand have won hundreds of motorsports victories, including wins in MotoGP. Any speed lover who want to ride like the professionals may be able to find what they’re looking for in Michelin street bike tires, but the brand also offers items for cruisers, scooters and dirt bikes.

About Metzeler
Metzeler TiresMuch like Michelin, Metzeler is also nearly a century old. Throughout those decades, the company has focused on providing riders with long-lasting, quality products that meet the demands of the road, motocross and other dirt bike options. This brand tyre also used by professional riders in their 100’s of MotoGP wins.

Overall, the emphasis is on the customer: Metzeler creates tires that work the way motorcyclists want them to, often with low maintenance or affordable prices. Motorcycle tires from Metzeler cover everything from cruisers and street bikes to dirt bikes and scooters. The best options are going with the stock tyres, which are Metzeler Sportec M5 tyres.

If your budget is tight then go for the Michelin Pilot Street radial which is available in the exact same size the Duke/RC390 requires. They will be about 4–5k cheaper for the pair but are not as grippy as the Metzeler.

When it comes to technology, Metzeler aims high with Interact, which seeks to give riders the best possible performance regardless of the conditions. It attacks all aspects of tire function: grip, handling, mileage and more. There are several different versions of Interact, including Racetec, Metzeler Roadtec and Sportec. Each of these options uses different materials and strategies for various zones of the tire, tailoring the product for top performance in any circumstance. Metlezers are extremely good at handling the power effortlessly, all the while maintaining grip and inspiring confidence. If you are an expert rider, you will love exploring their limit of grip.

I do not recommend here any MRF or CEAT tyres since they’re made for a different purpose and wouldn’t exactly be a good fit for the racing or sports bike like RC 390. They are mostly used for a standard bike within city ride only.

I hope this will help you a little bit more to choose a better tyre for your bike while you are a rider and love to explore on the ride and a long distance. See my video Added above and you can also explore my video here. Please leave a comment in the box and hit the like button. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more interesting travelling video. Subscribe Here


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