Safety Tips for Bike Stunt Riders

Bike Riding Safety Tips
Hi Guys, Recently I have gone to an event in Delhi for bike stunt. unfortunately, the organizers of this event did not take prior permission from local Police and the show was stopped before coming to an end by the local cop.

I am also a fan of bike stunt like any others, but today I will share few bike safety tips that one should not avoid before going for a bike ride or bike stunt. Keep in mind that I am not a professional stunt rider, here I am sharing my it for the help of bike rider’s safety and precaution one has must follow to avoid any adverse condition during their ride.

Driving a motorbike is more dangerous than driving a four-wheeler. Bike riding is as exciting as it is hazardous, and you should aware of the safety precautions before going for a bike stunt.

Here are few tips for the bike riders to follow-

1. Get trained yourself with professionals bikers before attempting any bike stunt.

2. Join a bike security course how to respond to crisis circumstances on a bike will give you the chance to experiment with your new encounters in a controlled situation.

3. Test your bike Prior to each ride, complete a quick check around to ensure your horn, light and directional signs are working effectively. Check the belt, chain or shaft and the brakes. Check the tires for wear and ensure they are set at the correct weight.

4. Keep up a decent speed limit exist so that you can control your bike at the right time to avoid any dangerous situation.

5. Avoid stunt in a bad weather situation. Risks of frosty or wet streets increase when you’re on two wheels.

6. Every bike is not made for bike stunt. Avoid using a normal bike for the stunt.

7. You should complete an essential assessment before each bike trip and go for standard checks regardless of whether you are not utilizing it for a long time.

8. Continuously wear protection like a helmet, kneepad, biker shoes, gloves and other riding gears etc.

9. Electronically monitored slowing mechanisms (ABS) give a biker full control of the bike’s control when they break suddenly, keeping the bike safe from rolling or sliding.

10. Know your qualities. Ensure that no one knows about your bike more than you and therefore you know how to deal with your bike. The more comfortable you are with the bike, the less demanding it will be for you to keep in your grip and not to lose control.

11. There are sure security decides that the passenger is sitting behind you. He or she should sit tight and do not attempt any tricks that can demonstrate risky to both.

12. Ensure you have had enough rest and that you are in a decent state of mind, free of any pressure and simply exceptionally glad about going out and about the attempt. Plan your bike rides just when you are in a positive physical and mental state.

I hope you like this post. Let me know your view about this post if you have already used few of them for your safety. You can also suggest any missing safety feature by commenting in the comment box. thanks

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