Bike Ride to Rameshwaram Ghat in Ranthambhore

A Visit to Rameshwaram Ghat – Ranthambhore

Hi friends!! Recently we had a 3 day bike trip to Ranthambhore in Rajasthan. Ranthambhore is a well known place for tiger reserved in India. Every year many torist go there to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in this national park which is a natural home to tiger. But this time we visited very famouse Rameshwaram Ghat nearby Ranthambhore. We drove on bike from Delhi to Ranthambhore with friends.

Rameshwaram Ghat is 60 kilometres away from Sawai Madhopur. the is the meeting points of three rivers Chambal, Banas and Seep river. That’s why its called “Treveni Sangam” Rajathan. Most of people thought that there is a two rivers meeting point. But one more river meet here in Chambal which called Seep river. it is a very small river, orgine place in Madhya Pradesh.

Rameshwaram ghat is pleasant place.There is a belief that our sins are cleansed if we bath in that water but beware of crocodiles in the water! The Chambal river known for crocodile reserved and crocodile safari in Rajasthan. One more crocodile safari near of it is Palighat, where Parvati river meets chambal and this place is known for one of the biggest crocodile safari in Rajasthan. It attracts a large number of tourists due to its sceniric beauty and wildlife. Tourists also have another reason to visit the Rameshwaram Ghat as it has a number of very old temples nearby. Rameshwaram Ghat is one of the old and famous place in rajasthan and known for Lord Shiva Temple. and annual fair during Shivratri takes place which is worth seeing.

Sun rises at this ghat is a great experiance with my friends, must be visit at least 1 time. We have capture many beatiful drone shots during the ride which you can see in my video attached with this article.

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