How to Mount Luggage on Bike

How to Mount Luggage on Bike in Right Way.

Mounting luggage on the bike isn’t an easy task for buddies while going for a long drive especially in mountain areas. There are a lot of ways you could mount your luggage on a motorbike. All depends on the distance you are covering and amount of luggage you are carrying with you.

If your luggage doesn’t installed perfectly on the bike, it may cause you feel uncomfortable and disturbed all the time during your drive and if you are not lucky enough, you may face some drastically bad experience when driving on some tangled and frayed Indian roads and later then, you will discuss to it with some of your best friends that how worst was your experience driving with languages on back seats of your bike.

So, Today I’ll show you in this video how to mount and unmount the luggage on your bike and you can do this at your home easily. I will also explain to you what are the things you must not do it with mounting the luggage and what are the cautions you should follow to a proper mount luggage on the bike and how to unmount it from the backseat.

I’ll also explain to you How to minimize pressure from your mono shockers so that you do not have
any unpleasant riding experience as more pressure on shock-absorber not only caused to a sudden drop in your bike mileage but it may also damage your bike’s shockers and some internal parts of your machinery. Especially when you are driving in a place like Ladakh and Spiti where you will not find any mechanic or spare parts shop at this place and as a result of it your bike ride comes to an end from here.

Please watch this video for riders until the end which I created recently to help bike riders. you will get some better idea of how to carry a luggage on the backseat of the bike. I have already experienced good result of it Now it’s your turn…

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