How to Lube Chain in A Side Stand Bike

How to Lube Chain in A Side Stand Bike
Hi Friends, If you are driving a sports bike or superbike then you definitely know that most sports bike does not come with the main stand. It has only side stand. Because of this feature in the sports bike, bikers face problem to lubricate bike chain. Mostly bikers use paddock stand to lube their bike chain but it can be only used at home and difficult to carry when your are on a ride or traveling somewhere on a bike.

Here, I come up with a solution for every biker and they will definitely like it.

I have recently purchased a G-Roller for bike to lube my bike chain easily. whether at home or on a bike ride, I can easily carry this device in my backpack. It’s such a small device that it can be fit in my palm hand.

I have uploaded a video above to show you how to lubricate bike chain with the help of this G-roller. Please check this video for a better understanding of this device utility. I have also mentioned a link below if you guys want to purchase this product.

Paddock Stand Replacement – GRoller

Let me know your review about this product if you have already used it. Or if you have any better option to lube the bike chain then share with us in the comment box. Also, do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channel here –

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