How to Change Air Filter on Duke 390 at Your Home

How to Change Air Filter on Duke 390

Hi Guys! Today’s article is about how to change air filter in Duke bike. I own a duke 390 bike so I will show you how can I easily change the air filter in my bike at my home and no need to go to the service station Or a bike macanic for that reason only.

Mostly Air filter change recommanded after 7000 to 7500 km ride. but if your are driving most of the time on long drive and the roads like ladakh, then I recommand to change it after every 3000 to 4000 km ride.

For the better understanding of readers and viewers, I recommend you to watch my video which has added with this article. a step by step process of removing seat and other componant and than reinsall them after changing the air filter. Everything I have recorded in this video. I suggest to watch this video and let me know if you find it helpful for your bike changing air fillter at your home.

If you have any question regarding my recommandetion of air filter then please leave a comment in the comment box below, and if you like this article and my video than please press on like button and subscribe to my youtube channel for more video like this. Click here to subscribe

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