Golden Triangle Ride in One Day Go! KTM Duke 390

Golden Triangle Ride in One Day Go! KTM Duke 390
Hey Guys!! Today I have uploaded 2 videos of my recent drive on Golden Triangle (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur, Delhi)
I have completed this ride in one day go!

The Golden Triangle circuit covered a total distance of around 750 KM and each destination in the triangle is 4-6 hour drive away.

It was a little busy day for driving on National Highways. I started it from my home in Delhi at sharp 6:58 AM in the morning, and finished this ride at 8:33 PM on the same day returned to Delhi at my home. Which you can see proved in uploaded Video where I took a shot of my mobile’s home screen, before starting the ride and at the end of the ride after coming back to my home.

in this ride, I have also taken some very good drone shoot for the readers of my blog and the visitors to my YouTube channel. I stopped several places for the breakfast, lunch and bike fuel.

It was a hectic day schedule for me and my bike from the start to end we had been continuing on the roads. It took almost 13 & half hours to complete the Golden Triangle ride with my bike.

Driving a bike continuously until the 750 km is not an easy task. When you drive such a long distance, your body starts to crumble after a few hours ride, and never forget that! it wasn’t a luxury car where you sit back on the seat and your driver drive for you. It’s a bike ride, which is considered a hard drive than driving a car. If I would have chosen to take more break in the ride, then It wouldn’t be possible for me to complete the ride in One Day Go. I was feeling very tired when I reached home after this ride.

You can better understand about this ride after watching my Triangle ride videos.

I hope you would like this video. Let me know, What do you think about this ride? and If you did like this, please leave a comment in the comment box and like my video on YouTube. You can also subscribe my YouTube channelfor more interesting video. Thanks

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