BHANGARH: A Visit to Most Haunted Place in India

Bhangarh, A thrilling Spot for Paranormal Activity!

Howdy!! I hope you are doing something excited in your life. Life is an adventurous journey and you will agree with me on this. Everyone must have something in life that excited them. Something that you dream to have once in life, something that you want to do again n again! something that you never feel and experienced before and things that thrilled you from the top to the bottom gives you whole excitement! and suddenly You feel like goosebumps everywhere in your body. Bike riding on new places and explore new things are happens in the same way and one of them that gives excitement to many people that they want to do it again and again.

Today I am going to share my experience with a place which is known as the most hunted place in India. I recently had a bike trip to this place with my friends. Guess! What could be this place??

hmm, You are right… it’s Bhangarh!!!

Recently, I had a bike trip to Ranthambhore. We have chosen a way which is passed through this most haunting place “Bhangarh” in the middle of our ride to Ranthambhore. We spend some time here and experienced the thrill which we have heard from many people. How it feels when you are visiting a place which is known as “Hunted” and people talked so many time about it.

About Bhangarh
Bhangarh is a very famous prehistoric site and tourist spot known for its temples and its fort. Built in the 15th Century in Alwar and a place which is known as the Most haunted place in India for its paranormal activities and numerous ghostly experiences and happenings in the fort premises and nearby area.

The Story of Bhangarh
The story behind this fort is very famous and actually, the two stories rumoured simultaneously.

One of the story villagers said about that a holy man (Guru Bala Nath) who lived in the area of the fort and built a house which he did not want any other house to eclipse, warning the King of Bhangarh that should the shadow of any taller building ever touch his house, he would destroy the entire fort city. Which he assumedly did.

The second story is that a curse that was laid on the city by a mythical wizard as a local black magician fell in love with Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh and tried to bewitch to make her fall in love with him. The princess smelled suspicion and killed him. he cursed the city to be destroyed and sooner the whole town and every resident of town were killed.

If you are considering visiting Bhangarh Fort then you will have to go during the daytime. In fact, one of the departments of the Government of India (The Archeological Survey of India) has prohibited entry before sunrise and after sunset. The Indian government body that looks after historical monuments in India, has a sign that notices visitors of this rule.

The signboard simply says “It is strictly prohibited to enter the borders of Bhangarh fort before sunrise and after sunset… Legal action would be taken against those who do not follow these instructions.” It seems to warn the visitors to stay away during dark. There is a local saying that if you do enter this area in the night, you will never return.

How to Reach Bhangarh
Bhangarh is a place in Alwar district of Rajasthan. It is also very close to the famous Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar. The distance from Alwar to Bhangarh is about 90 Km for which taxis and buses are available from Alwar Or one can go with their private vehicles. for the tourist from other places, its lies between Delhi and Jaipur. Nearly 250km of the distance from Delhi and just 75km away from Jaipur.

I hope this story will excite you to be there once and experience the thrill. Also, see my videos related to my visit to this place would help you to know more about this place and excited you to be there on your next vacation trip. Do not forget to press the like button and to watch my more exciting visited places, subscribe here


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