Audio Technica ath m50x | Unboxing

Audio-Technica’s ATH M50 headphones have been a popular Lightweight and comfortable headphone and ATH M50x is new x-series version of this. The headphone comes with a carrying case, inside the box there also 3 detachable cables that are thick and durable.

Specification of cables:
Detachable 3.9-9.8 inch (1.2m-3m) coiled cable
Detachable 9.8 inch (3m) straight cable
Detachable 3.9 inch (1.2m) straight cable
and a gold plated 6.3mm adapter.

The detachable cables are the best part of it and therefore increase life durability. There’s a lot of plastic used in headphone but quality wise it’s good. Earcups can swing 180 degrees, 90 degrees clockwise and 90 degrees anti-clockwise and it can fold inwards too. The bass sounds true and goes really deep. the ear pads are thick and look like it has made of soft synthetic leather.

I am using this headphone comfortably in my house Or even walking. Using it for long hours could be problematic for some guys. I have used it for 1-2 hours with ease and no ear pain because of its earpads quality, is so good and gives comfort to ears.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is one of the best bass headphones available in the market that produce amazing sound quality for a decent price.

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