A Visit of Khatu Shyam Ji in Rajasthan

A Visit of Khatu Shyam Ji in Rajasthan
In Hindu mythology, Barbarika Was the son of Ghatotkach and a Grandson of Bhim (2nd of Pandava) in Mahabharata era. Khatushyamji is a name of Barbarika. Lord Krishna has given a boon to Barbarika that he would be known by Krishna’s own name “Shyam” and worshipped in the Kaliyuga.

Krishna announced that one who pronounces Barbarika with his name “Shayam” from the bottom of their hearts, would be blessed by himself (Krishna). Their wishes would be granted and troubles removed if they worship Barbarika with a true piety of Shyam.

Khatushyam temple is located in the district of Sikar in the state of Rajasthan, 80 km away from Jaipur and approx. 300 km from Delhi. It is one of the most famous pilgrim centers of Rajasthan.

The temple has a magnificent architecture design. Its prayer hall is known as Jagmohan. its walls designed and describe many mythological scenes from Mahabharata era. The shutters of the sanctum are beautifully covered with silver sheets. The entrance and exit gates are made of marble and feature very beautiful ornamental floral designs.

The fair held here is an exception of vitality, One can found this place crowdy at the time of fair. Devotees come from other states as well during the fair.

There is a holy pond near the temple from where the Khatu Shyam idol was retrieved. It is believed that a dip in this pond cures a person of ailments and brings good health. Bathing during the annual Phalguna Mela festival is more blissful and deemed especially salutary.

If you have faith in God then you should go at least once here in your life, to get blessed from Khatu Shyam Baba.
Apart from this place, you may also visit (Salasar) another famous place dedicated to God Hanuman. The nearby famous city is Jaipur approx. 80 km away from here.

I need not explain that why Jaipur is famous for? Almost everyone hard about Jaipur and its famous Hawamahal, Forts and many more historical places.

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