About MySelf

Happy to see you here and to be able of introducing myself to you!
My Name Is Kuldeep Yadav. I am a YouTuber. My YouTube Journey started from september, 2016. I am a Tech Guy, who loves playing with camera's, gadget's, phone's etc. and I like Travelling wherever and whenever, i get a chance. I like meeting new people, learning new things and making new friends. I like riding long, my second passion is Bike's. Whenever i get a chance to ride, i do it.
My first passion being travelling and the second being bikes helps me in planning impulsive trips to different places exploring life, culture and people. I started this website to share my experiences with you and for motivating more people to travel with the help of their beloved bikes. Hope u enjoy going through this website! Travel a lot and discover the real you. Best wishes…